Powerpoint Presentations

Just send us the text of the lecture and the array of images and illustrations you wish to use and we'll transform it into a captivating, informative presentation. Whether you require a traditional, conservative look or are trying to blow your audience away, our professionals can customize the look of your presentation.

Need some drawings? Our team of artists have a wide range of experience creating illustrations on a variety of topics (eg. interventional radiology, surgery, physiotherapy).

We have extensive experience with designing and presenting lectures at some of the largest international scientific meetings in the world including the RSNA (Radiological Society of North America). Head over to our portfolio section to peruse some of the presentations we have created for our clients.

Multimedia Presentations (CD-ROM)

For those looking to move beyond the typical Powerpoint presentation and entice the senses of your audience, our multimedia presentations are made just for you! Our clients have used them for:
  • Teaching tools
  • Customized, informal lectures
  • Product demonstrations
  • And more...

Just think...you can have a CD that plays when you pop it in the computer, which melds all of your ideas together with music and visual effects. Using Macromedia Director and Flash, we can customize an entertaining multimedia presentation to effectively and succinctly convey your ideas.

For those who want to jazz up their Powerpoint presentation or make switiching computers between presenters a thing of the past, our multimedia artists have some ideas you just might like...

Medical Illustration

Ever have a picture in your mind but just can't figure out how to draw it on that napkin! A picture is worth a thousand words and often is the best way to explain your ideas. Whether it's a simple line drawing for a basic science manuscript or a 3D, color diagram of a deployed stent in the abdominal aorta, our artists can draw what you're thinking.

Posters / Scientific Exhibits

Layout design is one of our specialties. Whether you are presenting a poster at a scientific meeting or have a high-school project due in a few days, Medvision has the solution for you. Remember carrying all those pieces of your poster in a large portfolio bag? Remember losing a piece or having it destroyed by your morning cup of java? It's all in the past...

Once we have the text and images, in just a few hours we'll have a spectacular poster that will make your colleagues look like they used a typewriter and a glue stick! Check out our portfolio page showing off some of medal winning posters...

Software Instruction

Need someone to answer all you questions about your software? Our technical staff have extensive experience training medical and health care professionals in many applications including Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop. Just send us an email to schedule your one-on-one or group session today.